Open Air Gallery in Berlin

I just had one hell of an exciting sunday. Or rather, almost two weeks. It was only eleven days ago that I learned that I would be participating in the Open Air Gallery art fair on Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin this year (I had applied in April, and hadn’t heard anything back). Then there were nine days of frenetic art making, learning about passepartouts and frames and presentation in general, and spending lots of money as well (for me, anyway). Yesterday it all culminated in lots of real people in the flesh looking at my drawings and paintings, and commenting on them, and some of them even found something they wanted to take home, and gave me money for it. This art market is a wonderful thing! My stall looked like this:
Open Air Gallery Stall
I had prepared for it on the floor of my room:
Open Air Gallery Prep Finished + Unfinished
And these are some of the new works and works not before published on the internet that I had with me:
Boxhagener Straße Early in the Morning
Boxhagener Straße Early in the Morning
Man Reading

Woman DozingWoman Dozing

Woman Reading Magazine
Woman Sleeping
Couple or Maybe Not?
Woman Clutching her Bag
Man Looking into Nothing
Woman TextingCouple Reading
Woman Reading

Phew, now I’m exhausted, and still not quite finished with getting my place back into the normal order of things. But it was a wonderful day, I heard many kind words, and discovered some new artists myself: Christopher Damm, who makes wonderful impressionist photography, among other things, had the stall next to mine, an didn’t mind helping a newbie like me out and explain some of the more arcane aspects of the event; Jeanne Fredac takes photographs of the ruins of the GDR in Berlin, many of places that had me thinking ‘I’d like to draw that, too!’, and H.G. Winter had drawings and watercolours on show that held me in awe.

It is thrilling to think about those works that are now hopefully hanging somewhere else, and being looked at on a daily basis (unlike the ones who had to come home with me again, and are now stashed away, because there is just no place for display in my tiny apartment).

If you’re interested in participating yourself, the deadline for the Open Air Gallery happening on 1 August is still almost one week away (11 July).

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