London Sketchbook June 2010: Places

On my first morning I had breakfast at my fathers favourite London breakfast place, where he’s been going when in London for more than 30 years now. I made this watercolour to pay my respects to it. Originally it was supposed to be just a preparation for a postcard to send home, but the detail on the globe, shop sign and molding quickly made me give up on that idea.
The next place that caught my eye was the backside of a restaurant. I just can’t resist the backsides of old London houses.
Victoria Embankment Gardens.
Having cream tea at the National CafĂ©, as I had two years ago with my mother (yes, this was also supposed to end up as a postcard, but didn’t (yet)), and randomly walking around.


A view of the garden of the house I was staying in on a warm but dark afternoon. I like the fairytale like dangerous mood this seems to have, although it is really just a charming little rowhouse’s garden. The drawing on the top right is one of the plants that had tried to make a living in the roof of my host’s bathroom, as you can see in the picture on the lower right.
That same bathroom from another angle.
And some more backsides, from sidestreets or the garden again.
London_2010_43 b

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