Documenting a Wedding

I spent the last weekend in Mallorca, trying to sketch my way through a three day wedding party. I had to learn that people never rest during such an event as they do on public transport – everybody seemed way too excited and lively for proper people sketching! I tried anyway, and sometimes I did get a little bit lucky, but I won’t show them here. But what I can show you, and what worked much better, where scenic views and non-human things, and situations were I could tell my model to just hold that pose for another minute, please? Here we go:

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  1. (Image)…

  2. I very like the picture with the red thing. What is it?
    Wirklich schön.

  3. Danke! Das ist ein langes rotes Band, das meine Mutter gerade nähte, um es später um ein Geschenk wickeln und eine Schleife daraus binden zu können.

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