The Delightful Sketches of Fabrice Moireau

There is regrettably little of Fabrice Moireau to see on the web, which I found out when wondering if I should buy his ‘Rooftops of Paris’. What I did find are true gems of city sketching, so I’d thought I’d share them with you.
One of my favourite images of them all:
Rooftops of Paris
via VDBD – Viadellebelledonne
The admiration of Carol Gillott from Paris Breakfasts, herself a superb sketcher, accompanied by more Paris rooftops, and a sketch of the sketcher:

Less text, but more images (sadly without attribution to any specific book), at Larkaboutme:

Now I need that book!

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  1. Good Morning,
    Do you have any idea as to how to contact the artist directly to buy individual sketches? If you find the book “Life is Meals” by James and Kay Salter you will find many of Fabrice’s sketches re: Food and Wine.
    Thank you,
    Joe Braun

  2. I think he has a LinkedIn profile but only barely. I love his work as well.

  3. I’ve been eyeing this book for a long time too. Then I realized he’s done more such books. His sketches are so inspirational. I was hoping to find out more about him but sadly google/wikipedia don’t profile him.
    The real winner in his sketching technique is his eye for detail- he represents architectural typologies so well. I’m hoping to find something similar for Amsterdam. And I would love for Moireau to sketch an Indian city, maybe New Delhi, this way.

    – Uzair

  4. […] well as the wonderful illustrations by Fabrice Moireau – some of his illustrations of Paris can be found here). Besides nuggets of information about ingredients and foods of all kinds, they […]

  5. This is so long ago, you might not be looking anymore – but there are a few videos on Flickr under this user:

  6. Thank you! I am still looking;-) And in the meantime I’be bought the wonderful ‘Rooftops of Paris’ book…

  7. Fabrice Moireau lives in Olivet, a suberb of Orleans, in the Loire Valley. He’s must be well-known; it’s only a small town. Try writing a letter.

  8. Write to Fabrice Moireau care of his publishers in Paris. They will surely forward correspondence to him. His work really is fabulous.

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