The Big Draw Berlin and just drawing Berlin

Sunday was the last day of The Big Draw Berlin, with a choc full program of great drawing related things to do. I basically had a full schedule from 10 am to pm … but yielded to the beautiful weather and started by just drawing stuff that I cam across outside in the sun.
Page 65 Morning Sun
Page 67 Dome Dirt
{I decided to not draw the dome itself this time, only its dirt. Thus what you don’t see here are the golden orbs and the cross on top of it… I like this approach. It is certainly woth exploring in more detail, with different subjects. Plus, it is just funny to draw a big pretentious building like that by portraying its dirtyness.}
Page 70 Prinzenallee
Page 75 Old Charité

But I did get around to participate in some Big Draw events later, such as drawing in the Mitte Museum, which is dedicated to documenting daily life in Berlin since about the 19th century
Page 71 Mitte Museum
Page 73 Mitte Museum
Page 74 Mitte Museum
and the Dr. Sketchy’s session/closing event, lured in by the offer of a Moleskine sketchbook being included in the 10 € fee. Now, I’m not terribly fond of those sketchbooks, they don’t suit my needs that well, but this was almost half price compared to what you usually have to pay for them, and I’ve started archiving all kinds of blank sketchbooks again, just to have enough at hand for the next time I have to choose a new one, and of course I can never completely foresee which kinds of paper & media I will want to work with then, right? I’m also not that much into Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. They say it has everything you usually miss in conventional life drawing sessions – booze, naughty costumes and poses, music, but simply put, while I did enjoy the music and the availability of beverages, I’m rarely ever bored when life drawing. What I usually miss the most are male models, and older models, both absent from Dr. Sketchy’s as well. I was actually a bit bored by parts of the show surrounding the drawing, the waiting times etc. For me, this was too much talking and not enough drawing. I did enjoy the atmosphere, though, and I loved the applause for individual poses, and the appreciation for the model. I think all life drawing models deserve that! As usually, the short poses turned out much better for me than the longer ones.
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
And when I was bored there were the host and the other sketchers to sketch.
Page 8

Some random sketches from before:
Page 40 Tegel Airport
Page 47
Page 41Page 74 Watching Berliner Fenster
Page 48 Waiting for a Burger
Page 61 Spread with Scenes from Friedrichshain

A friend of mine recently noted that some of my drawings of architecture and other artifacts tend to be much more rigid than my drawings of people, almost as if done by another person alltogether. I agree. Since then I’ve been practicing swiftness even in drawing things that don’t move, in order not to overwork my lines, not to redraw so much.

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  1. Hi, I dig your pictures. They look detailed and yet swift and easy. Im new in Berlin and I’m looking for some good life drawing groupes. I saw you mentioned Dr Sketchy and wondered if you know of any other places that offer life drawing with model?


  2. Outstanding work! I just love your line drawings. I wish mine could look like yours. Mark.

  3. Whoa, thank you, Mark!

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