Clean black lines


For the past weeks I’ve mostly stuck to my EF Rotring Art Pen, which glides over the smooth bright paper of my current sketchbook to produce clean black lines. The lines are not quite as thin as I would like them to be, with barely any variation at all. This forces me to know what I will do before I put pen to paper, to use fewer but more deliberate lines than in pencil.



These lines don’t allow for modeeling the way I’m used to, they make me look more for the bulk of the form, for outlines, trying to achieve the feeling of bulk through the outlines more than modelling through chaotic strokes all over. I realized that once I have clear outlines, I can play all kinds of games with them…


I’m deliberately experimenting with the placement of the figures on a page, in a planned way, and I like the results reminiscent of comics.


IMG_0046 detail
IMG_0046 detail

IMG_0040 detail

IMG_0036 detail
IMG_0036 detail

But I haven’t forgotten the fun in making a mess, and although most of my recent sketches started out with those black lines only, I’m still far from finished with testing what can be done to them once I get home. More about that in another post, first I have to scan some more…



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