First Sketches of Spring in New Handbound Watercolor Book


Yesterday afternoon the sun was warm enough to sit on the pavement. Just a few days before had I made myself a new sketchbook, so I wouldn’t miss to record too many spring days in it.
The cover is recycled from an old physics textbook I found somewhere, and the paper is Hahnemühle Burgund watercolor paper, with a rough and a smooth side. It is a bit heavy, but I couldn’t help myself: I wanted it to feel like a big book. It is not for quick train sketches but for occasions when I have at least 20 minutes to draw, and only for things in Berlin. I feel like I would be free to leave Berlin for good once I filled this book (but for now I’m not planning to leave, just to travel).




The first page in this book:

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  1. Awesome sketches, I really enjoy the artwork you post

  2. Thank you! Good to know somebody is looking…

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