Gallery Weekend Berlin

This weekend is this year’s Gallery Weekend Berlin, with lots of openings and special opening hours. I’ve gone through the program and picked out what interests me the most, which is anything to do with paiting and drawing. If that’s your preference, too, you can save yourself a bit of trouble and check out this handy list instead:

For your and my convenience I have marked up these places in the GWB map in blue and yellow: Programm_Stadtplan_Ansicht_play.

Nice: gallery websites without images of the exhibition in question, gallery websites that contain nothing but an address, websites of galleries that ostensibly partake in the Gallery Weekend Berlin but the program information does not extend past 16 April. I probably won’t be visiting any of them, and they have my contempt in differing degrees, which is probably fine as they don’t seem to be interested in having me, or somebody like me, at their exhibitions or interested in what they are doing.

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