Last Days’ Watercolor Sketches

Ostkreuz, as seen from Modersohnbrücke, drawn early in the morning with the sun setting the trees ablaze.

I made a completely different drawing of almost exactly the same view, also early in the morning, last May: Before the Party is after the Party is … How far I’ve come – it is so easy to forget when all I’m paying attention to are the things that don’t turn out like I want them too, all the stuff I can’t do it, or not as well as I’d like.

Power Plant Rummelsburg, as seen from Plänterwald.

I made the drawing of Rummelsbug when out with Catalina, but had to complete some of the colors when I was at home, because it got too cold in the shadows of Plänterwald.

Painted Nettle, playing with washes and glazing. Drawing plants is such a great watercolor technique challenge and exercise!

A second drawing made from the Ringbahn platform at Bundesplatz.

2 Responses to “Last Days’ Watercolor Sketches”

  1. Your sketches and paintings are so spontaneous and expressive. I especially love the Painted Nettle. With limited colors, you brought out the elegance in this flower.

    I have you listed as one of my favorite sketcher. I’m looking forward to more of your post.

  2. Thank you for these very kind words, Marlene. I don’t know what to say.

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