Location Sketches

Insbrucker Platz (Ringbahn)

Wühlischstraße, 20 May.

RAW Area, 22 May.

Grünberger Straße, 31 May.

I have drawn this place before, and wasn’t satisfied at all.

Grünberger Straße, 16 April.

This week’s lines-only attempt feels much better. I’m in an analytic mood, trying to shake my sketching habits up a bit, mostly because I’ve been not feeling quite right about my watercolors for a couple of weeks now. I need to get my values right or my colors will erratically suck without me being able to do anything about it, I’m afraid, but I’ve been procrastinating on that. The desire to just make pretty pictures can be a trap—colors are seductive, at least before I have them applied. Every time I try to skip some exercise that I feel would help get me further, I end up producing crap, and wishing I had done the hard/annoying/necessary exercise instead. It just takes longer. This is not to say that the drawings above are completely without merrit—my criterium for judging my own drawings is not if they are any good or not, but rather how much the distance between what I wanted to do and what I did pains me when I look at them. I do rather like the line drawings above, though, and will probably put some washes on them over the weekend, to dig my heels into the study of values some more.

Also, sometimes I would like to be Paul Madonna for a couple of drawing days.

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