Lots of People on Public Transport in January

I’ve been looking for a way to make my public transport drawings ‘exhibitable’, take them out o sketchbooks somehow, mostly by using folded single sheets of different sizes, like here. This is another attempt, not just putting the people on a single sheet, but trying to convey the feeling of looking through a whole sketchbook, while it still being a flat piece that I can hang on a wall and that could possibly be framed. It is 1,50 m long and about 24 cm high, and I really recommend that you click on it and look at the full resolution file, there is way more to see here than fits in a 620 px width!

I’m happy how this turned out, and I think it will have a good place hanging in a cafĂ©. I hope somebody will look up sometime and get lost in my big little drawing, and then be surprised how late it already is…

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