More of the Oberbaum Drawings

Reminder: I will show some of these at the Open Air Gallery art fair on this very same bridge on Sunday 1 July. My booth is number 10 — you’re more than welcome to come by and say hello if you’re in town…

29 May, pen over watercolour. I had forgotten to bring my tubes with me, so I ran out of the colours I used the most, hence the lightness of this one. Just looking for something else I could do with it I played around with the pen, and am quite happy with the result.

2 June, brush pen over loose watercolour.

3 June, watercolour with a tiny little bit of pen.

5 June, attempt at exact architectural rendering, watercolor over pencil. Gave up on the level of detail of the steel structure.

8 June, pen with watersoluble ink, washed over with water, then worked back into the wet paper with the pen.

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