Oberbaumbrücke: First Glimpse of a Series I’ve been working on

Oberbaumbrücke 9 June

For almost a month now I’ve been sketching the same place almost every morning. I’ve started this as my fix of loose drawing before the day’s work of making huge drawings of Weinheim, which I enjoy a lot, but which also require a lot more planning and slightly tedious actions in their execution than quick location sketches. By now I’ve done 28 of these, with different views of the bridge, different media, different techniques and approaches. I’ve started in a completely different place, and since I drew this barely two weeks ago I’ve already arrived somewhere else. Everyday I’m curious where I’ll end up – it is usually somewhere else than I expected to!

A selection of these will be on show at the Open Air Gallery art fair on this very same bridge on Sunday I July. My booth is number 10 — you’re more than welcome to come by and say hello if you’re in town…


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