London in Pencil

In April I had the pleasure of spending a week in London, in part to attend a workshop at The Prince’s Drawing School, in part to hand in my application portfolio there. I decided to leave most of my watercolors at home for the whole trip (which later took me to Mallorca as well). I might not touch them again for the rest of the year — not because I don’t like working in color, but because I feel focusing on lines and dark and light only for a while is a good exercise for me. Colors are seductive, but colorful things get pretty maybe a bit too easily. Anyway, in London I just stuck with my pencil. Less decisions to make about drawing media equals more time and attention for actually looking. Or so I hope.

The first two are sketches of the skyline passing me by while sitting in a bus. I did a whole bunch of them, and would love to do more. Suddenly the chronic congestion on London’s streets is something I can welcome instead of being annoyed by it, as it gives me more time to finish a line…

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  1. Love the edges in these. So good!

  2. Hey, thank you!

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