A Calendar full of Oberbaumbrücken for 2014

kalendar 2014 url_3

After having been asked by people to offer some prints for sale because buying original drawings is scary and what if I spill coffee on it and it is ruined forever?! I’ve finally come around to select some of my pictures for a wall calendar for next year. I chose my Oberbaumbrücken series because, on the one hand, these works form a coherent group and very much profit from being seen in proximity: I feel they talk to and comment on each other. On the other hand this bridge is such an iconic landmark and place often traversed by people who live in Berlin that looking at my drawings might not just be a pleasure in itself, but at least for some, also produce interesting changes in their own everyday perception. After all one of the most fascinating things about art is when it shifts how you see the world, even if just a little bit…

I’m very happy with how it turned out. You can get it through my Etsy store or contact me directly.

(25 € + shipping, 42 x 29,7 cm (Din A3), printed on heavy (250 gsm) matt paper, 12 months with a different image on each + cover page)

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