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Wismarplatz again

I’ve drawn this place many times before, still far from being tired, or feeling I’ve really done it justice. So much still left to figure out! And it looks different every day…

Wismarplatz in early Autumn or: Images of a Picture

Trying to draw Wismarplatz in Winter

After some months of basically being locked in by the cold, rain, and snow, every day I wake up hoping that this day the sun is going to come out and allow me at least a tiny bit of sketching outside. On Friday it didn’t, but I drew anyway, without taking off my gloves. That […]

More March Sketches and a Double Sketchbook

These are from the same sketchbook as the last posting, but it is a twofold sketchbook: It is half made from very bright, almost blueish Dorée 200 drawing paper, whose color I love, which is a good paper for dry media, and I have a 50 m roll lying around under my desk which will […]

First Sketches of Spring in New Handbound Watercolor Book

Yesterday afternoon the sun was warm enough to sit on the pavement. Just a few days before had I made myself a new sketchbook, so I wouldn’t miss to record too many spring days in it. The cover is recycled from an old physics textbook I found somewhere, and the paper is Hahnemühle Burgund watercolor […]

The Pleasure of Making a Mess

I have been experimenting with ink washes (brushing over ink lines with water) for some weeks, but it was only on Wednesday that the potential that lies in making a mess on a page started to dawn on me. Looking back, I usually prefer the dirtier of my drawings to the clean ones, smudged pencil […]

Last Days’ Sketches Out and About

Somebody very neatly painted ‘MEDIASPREE’ where the ship’s name used to be, thus referring to the campaign ‘Mediaspree versenken’ (‘Sink Mediaspree’). This campaign is directed against plans to build new commercial buildings (under the heading of ‘Mediaspree’) using up much of the banks of the Spree, thus taking away access to the river from private […]

Before the Party is after the Party is the Afterhour is the Party is before . . .

So, last sunday I intended to go dancing. Sunday was Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin, a big parade followed by lots of music events starting a bit earlier than usual, the weather was wonderful in the afternoon, and I wanted to go to this. But my complete lack of intuitive competence in these matters combined […]