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29 Jul 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 14

Sketchbook page - done on a bus ride through London.
01 Jul 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 7

Lissabon, 7 September 2014, 12 x 20 cm, watercolour on paper.
08 Jun 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 5

Longing for London, watercolour on paper, 29 x 21 cm.
04 Jun 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 4

Longing for London, watercolour on paper, 21 x 29 cm.
01 Jun 15

I’ve been accepted onto the Royal Drawing School!

Celebration Post Nr. 1 I’m very happy to share that I have been accepted for a year of postgraduate art training at The Royal Drawing School in London! To celebrate this I will post the drawings that made up my application portfolio over the next couple of days. Here goes the first one:

28 Oct 13

Riding the bus in London

07 Jun 13

Mit dem Zeichenblock durch Weinheim


(German posting about a workshop I will be giving in two weeks. It is going to focus on tricks, techniques and exercises that facilitate swift sketching on location. It will work both as an introduction to sketching, and help those with some prior experience but suffering from overworking and perfectionism.) In zwei Wochen habe ich […]

16 May 13

London in Pencil

In April I had the pleasure of spending a week in London, in part to attend a workshop at The Prince’s Drawing School, in part to hand in my application portfolio there. I decided to leave most of my watercolors at home for the whole trip (which later took me to Mallorca as well). I […]

14 Feb 13

Wismarplatz again


I’ve drawn this place many times before, still far from being tired, or feeling I’ve really done it justice. So much still left to figure out! And it looks different every day…

28 Jan 13

Back when this Winter was colourful

Shadows on the hills.
23 Jan 13

Sketches below zero


…or what I did this Christmas. Not literally all of these were done at less than 0°C, but some obviously were.

07 Dec 12

The first frozen sketch this winter

This is what frozen watercolor looks like...

This morning around nine I sat in the sun, making a sketch, when I noticed some annoying clumps in my paint. First I wondered if some dirt had gotten in my palette; but no, it is just officially too cold now to make watercolor sketches outside in the morning without heat bags. I will need […]

15 Nov 12

Exhibition ‘Ansichten’ Opening this Sunday in Frankfurt am Main

Lots of things happening that I will probably never write about on the internets; and suddenly, I’m leaving to open the next exhibition. Yes, this sunday, in Frankfurt am Main. Details as follows: „Ansichten” Sonntag, 18. November 2012, 15.00 Uhr im Rosl-und-Paul-Arnsberg-Saal Zeichnungen und Aquarelle von Oona Leganovic Die Exponate eröffnen durch ungewöhnliche Blickwinkel und […]

29 Oct 12

Fall in Berlin

Morning at a pond 1
05 Oct 12

Back when autumn was almost still summer

Löhrbach Sommerwiese

Feels like it was ages ago. So far I’m unable to convey these intense greens anywhere close to correctly in a scan, no matter how much I tweak it. Too bright and not bright enough at the same time. If I actually lived in the countryside there would be a real risk of getting lost […]