18 Dec 13

Some impressions from the Exhibition Opening

Photo by Akademie für Illustration und Design Berlin.

At the recent opening of the Urban Sketchers Berlin exhibition at AID ‘Miniaturen des Alltags’ I was photographed while sketching the people looking at my sketches of people (among other things). And here some of the resulting sketches: I’m happy to have my sketches hanging besides those of some my my favourite sketchers like Rolf […]

06 Dec 12

Things happening: Urban Sketchers Interview and another Exhibition

The Table at Café Bar 19 during the interview, with Kirsten Hall's hands.

Kirsten Hall of Berlin Art Parasites web magazine did an interview with Urban Sketchers Berlin; we had a lot of fun sketching and talking, and if you head over there you will find Omar’s wonderful completely different sketch of the same scene (with me with the yellow hair on the right). On another note, I […]

28 Nov 12

The Opening at Henry und Emma Budge Foundation in Frankfurt am Main

More people looking

Here some impressions from the opening at Henry und Emma Budge Foundation, a nursing home in Frankfurt am Main. The director Mr Rauber said a couple of words about the history of the foundation as it relates to art, I said a couple of words about my drawings and process; I feel honored to be […]

15 Nov 12

Exhibition ‘Ansichten’ Opening this Sunday in Frankfurt am Main

Lots of things happening that I will probably never write about on the internets; and suddenly, I’m leaving to open the next exhibition. Yes, this sunday, in Frankfurt am Main. Details as follows: „Ansichten” Sonntag, 18. November 2012, 15.00 Uhr im Rosl-und-Paul-Arnsberg-Saal Zeichnungen und Aquarelle von Oona Leganovic Die Exponate eröffnen durch ungewöhnliche Blickwinkel und […]

12 Oct 12

Open Studio 21 October / Offenes Atelier

Oberbaum 120614

There will be a selection of recent works on show in my studio, both from my last exhibition in Weinheim and from my upcoming show in Frankfurt am Main, which are unlikely to be shown in Berlin elsewhere anytime soon. This is also an opportunity to sit down and browse some of my sketchbooks in […]

26 Jul 12

Back from the Opening of my Exhibition at the Weinheim Museum

Roughly 100 people attended, and I’m told that they never had such a turnout at an opening before. I feel like I’m still exhausted, from the months of preparation as well as from the mass of people. Anyway, for now I’m lazy and let others describe things for those of you who read German. Feature […]

27 Apr 12

English version of my exhibition campaign

For those of you who prefer reading English to German, I’ve now also made an English project page about the exhibition I’m currently working on and asking for support in doing so. You can check it out here. I’ve already reached 70 % of my funding goal! On another note, I’m still having trouble finding […]

23 Apr 12

Das Weinheim Projekt, erste Woche


Seit einer Woche treibe ich mich nun in Weinheim rum und zeichne. Leider steht mir hier bisher kein Scanner zur Verfügung, so dass ich heute versuchte, den Stapel Zeichnungen, der sich bisher angesammelt hat, in einem Copyshop zu scannen. Für die Aquarelle ging das auch ganz gut, aber an den Bleistiftzeichnungen ist das Experiment vorerst […]

24 Feb 12

Pictures from the Opening

Plants in Glasses and my father's almost white dreadlocks.

(All photos by Deborah Wargon, except no 2, 8 and 9 by Simon Kowalewski.) And Rolf was sketching! P.S. The exhibition goes on until 2 April.

14 Feb 12

Exhibition Preview 2: Pondering Arrangements

First batch of plant drawings on the wall

So after a night of no sleep most of the drawings are framed now, and some already hanging. I’m wondering how to hang the rest – all the same size aluminum frames (ca. 25 x 21 cm), but how to arrange? I want to group them according to miniseries – here you can see all […]

02 Feb 12

How to buy a Drawing

My workspace while doing all this. Out of the picture to the right is my iMac showing reference pictures I took on site.

Well, from me that is. From time to time people contact me to ask how they can buy a drawing, or people that buy one tell me that it took them a while to figure out how to do it. Now, I don’t want to plaster ‘Buy me!’ messages all over my blog, but clearly […]

22 Jan 12

Exhibition News and TV Appearance


Hi, I have an upcoming exhibition that I need to tell you about: Drawings and watercolors at Kaufbar Berlin, the opening is 15 February, the exhibition itself continues until 2 April. I’m so excited! On view will be plant pictures, but also two large Berlin views and people on public transport. More details in the […]

15 Feb 10

Little Daler Rowney Sketchbook Roundup

It is filled now! I made some experiments with ink wash in it: But although I found them intriguing, I did not stick with them. I also didn’t know when I made this drawing: that there was (and still is) this wonderful exhibition on, of Carl Blechen’s ‘Amalfi Sketchbook,’ some of which done in a […]