24 Jan 11

Sketchcrawling, SOMA and some more random sketches


Saturday’s sketchcrawl took us to the SOMA exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, where reindeer lounge about in a big hall eating fly agaric, accompanied by twenty-four canaries, eight mice and two flies, half of which are fed the urin of the reindeer eating fly agaric, so the visitors can decide if they perceive a difference in […]

19 Jan 11

Street Style Sketching


Or: A rather long story with lots of pretty and colorful pictures, as well as plans of world domination Last year I found myself increasingly intrigued, sometimes even obsessed, with clothes. Now, if I had had any money to spare (and not spent it on books and art supplies) this would probably have led to […]

28 Oct 10

Last Days’ Commuter Sketches

Woman in orange coat reading

Details from some pages: So that interview lead to a job, which leads to less time for drawing but more time on public transport, more quick sketches and less watercolors. But I’ve got grand plans, maybe even schemes, and they have to do with the color that has been creeping into my commuter sketches… More […]