02 Nov 12

People on the train from Frankfurt to Weinheim

Ink on the train 3
07 Mar 12

First Post Travel Sketchbook

Page 03 detail

My travel sketchbooks were of various sizes and formats, not one exactly like any of the others. When I came back I started producing drawings for my exhibition on single sheets of paper so they could be framed, also it was cold and I wasn’t spending much time out and about, so for a while […]

02 Sep 11

The Flux of Traveling so Far

My Favourite Sink in Scotland

Shortly after the Urban Sketchers Symposium was over, while I was still in Lisbon and haggling with a guy from Turkmenistan who had been supposed to send me the letter of introduction I would need to get the visa by July 26 but hadn’t, I realised that trying to organise the part of my travels […]

04 Feb 11

The Pleasure of Making a Mess


I have been experimenting with ink washes (brushing over ink lines with water) for some weeks, but it was only on Wednesday that the potential that lies in making a mess on a page started to dawn on me. Looking back, I usually prefer the dirtier of my drawings to the clean ones, smudged pencil […]

31 Jan 11

Trying to draw Wismarplatz in Winter


After some months of basically being locked in by the cold, rain, and snow, every day I wake up hoping that this day the sun is going to come out and allow me at least a tiny bit of sketching outside. On Friday it didn’t, but I drew anyway, without taking off my gloves. That […]

03 Dec 10

This week’s commuter sketches

Guy reading the newspaper

No text this time, only pictures.

17 Nov 10

More Commuter Sketches


I’m going wild with the layering of sketches done with different pens. Maybe I’m even getting lost in there. And some details:

27 Apr 10

Life Drawing Session

In last weeks session I felt like the one minute poses had the nicest flow to them; every week seems to be different in regards to which duration of pose works best for me. Still I long for session which stick to just one kind of duration, to encourage experimentation and make it easier to […]

13 Apr 10

Life Drawing Session

Some twenty minute poses from life drawing two weeks ago, looking forward to going again tomorrow! In that last one I had just erased my preliminary lines and started putting in the ‘real’ ones when the pose changed, but somehow I like the point at which I was forced to stop.

25 Mar 10

Life Drawing Session

I’ve started going to life drawing sessions more than a year ago, but mostly took it as a chance to get out of my little sketchbooks and onto big big sheets of paper. Now that I have even bigger sheets of paper pinned to the walls of my room to draw on, I can go […]