29 Oct 12

Fall in Berlin

Morning at a pond 1
04 Jun 12

Die Beute 3: Die letzten der vor Ort in Weinheim begonnen Zeichnungen

Altstadtdächer 2.

Nun sind auch die letzten Striche an diesen größeren Zeichnungen gemacht, sie sind teilweise ausgeschnitten und auf größere Papierbögen aufgezogen (was ihrem teilweise ‘schwebenden’ Charakter schön unterstreicht), und endlich auch fotografiert. Einige davon werden auch in der Ausstellung selbst hängen. Now the last strokes on these bigger drawings have been added, some of them I […]

28 May 12

Die Beute 2: mittelgroße Skizzen

Dächer 2
23 May 12

Die Beute 1: Postkartengroße Skizzen


Als ich letzte Woche wieder zurück in Berlin war lag ich natürlich erst einmal etwas krank im Bett herum. Inzwischen geht die Arbeit an der Weinheim-Ausstellung aber wieder vorran – hier erstmal die postkartengroßen Skizzen für die lieben Menschen, die mich mit 50 € unterstützt haben. (Ja, einige davon habe ich schon in anderen Scans […]

23 Apr 12

Das Weinheim Projekt, erste Woche


Seit einer Woche treibe ich mich nun in Weinheim rum und zeichne. Leider steht mir hier bisher kein Scanner zur Verfügung, so dass ich heute versuchte, den Stapel Zeichnungen, der sich bisher angesammelt hat, in einem Copyshop zu scannen. Für die Aquarelle ging das auch ganz gut, aber an den Bleistiftzeichnungen ist das Experiment vorerst […]

09 Apr 12

Travel Sketchbook: London, the first two days

More people on the bus.
28 Mar 12

Travel Sketchbook: Second Day in Dolgellau

Spread 22

While in Dolgellau again, I was still very obviously influenced by that little book of drawings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh I had bought earlier. This is the first of the travel sketchbooks I bound myself – and I bound into some of them the luxury of extra space in the form of occasional fold out […]

27 Mar 12

Studies in Memory and Repetition

Boxhagener Str., pencil on location, colors/washes put in from memory at home.

Watercolors made in the mornings around where I live, repeating views, learning to put in the colors from memory. Also, some copies after and words on William Turner.

20 Mar 12

Travel Sketchbook: Llandderfel/Bala

18 August

While hitchhiking from Aberystwyth to Bala I happened upon a wonderful used bookshop in Machynlleth, and found a book on Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s drawings. I had been looking for one on amazon.de for a long time, but never found anything I could actually afford. Even in the Hunterian Art Gallery in Glasgow, which houses the […]

19 Mar 12

Travel Sketchbook: Aberystwyth

I drew the rain that would shortly force me to stop drawing as it came closer...
16 Mar 12

Travel Sketchbook: Liverpool

Spread50 Liverpool

During my days in Liverpool in August 2011 it rained all the time—in my memory I had to abandon nearly each and every outdoor sketch because of the rain picking up again. That gave me a lot of time to spend in museums, though, especially the wonderful Walker Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum. I […]

31 Oct 11

Back in Berlin

Siena Cathedral

I have arrived back in Berlin safe and sound (I hope, anyway). The next days will be dedicated to catching up with correspondence and email and all that, and lots and lots of scanning! These two drawings I made in Siena were first—I originally intended to send them to Rolf to scan and blog, but […]

02 Sep 11

The Flux of Traveling so Far

My Favourite Sink in Scotland

Shortly after the Urban Sketchers Symposium was over, while I was still in Lisbon and haggling with a guy from Turkmenistan who had been supposed to send me the letter of introduction I would need to get the visa by July 26 but hadn’t, I realised that trying to organise the part of my travels […]

20 Apr 11

On the Value of Values

Greyscaled sketch

I’m thinking about value and contrast, because I find that this is an aspect of drawing and painting that I have much less conscious control over than I would like. Sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss and I don’t necessarily understand why. Hoping to learn more I’ve greyscaled the scans of some of my […]

11 Apr 11

First Sketches of Spring in New Handbound Watercolor Book

Wismarplatz in Spring Sun

Yesterday afternoon the sun was warm enough to sit on the pavement. Just a few days before had I made myself a new sketchbook, so I wouldn’t miss to record too many spring days in it. The cover is recycled from an old physics textbook I found somewhere, and the paper is Hahnemühle Burgund watercolor […]