31 Jan 11

Trying to draw Wismarplatz in Winter


After some months of basically being locked in by the cold, rain, and snow, every day I wake up hoping that this day the sun is going to come out and allow me at least a tiny bit of sketching outside. On Friday it didn’t, but I drew anyway, without taking off my gloves. That […]

24 Jan 11

Sketchcrawling, SOMA and some more random sketches


Saturday’s sketchcrawl took us to the SOMA exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, where reindeer lounge about in a big hall eating fly agaric, accompanied by twenty-four canaries, eight mice and two flies, half of which are fed the urin of the reindeer eating fly agaric, so the visitors can decide if they perceive a difference in […]

19 Jan 11

Street Style Sketching


Or: A rather long story with lots of pretty and colorful pictures, as well as plans of world domination Last year I found myself increasingly intrigued, sometimes even obsessed, with clothes. Now, if I had had any money to spare (and not spent it on books and art supplies) this would probably have led to […]

15 Feb 10

Little Daler Rowney Sketchbook Roundup

It is filled now! I made some experiments with ink wash in it: But although I found them intriguing, I did not stick with them. I also didn’t know when I made this drawing: that there was (and still is) this wonderful exhibition on, of Carl Blechen’s ‘Amalfi Sketchbook,’ some of which done in a […]

27 Jan 10

Last Days’ Sketches (January 22nd to 27th)

These are from the little Daler Rowney Book as well. The daily scanning is going really well so far. It is easy to perceive scanning as an integral part of the ‘come home – boot – check emails – get sucked into web’ routine. And this routine doesn’t even take much more time that way, […]

22 Jan 10

First Scans from Daler Rowney Sketchbook

This is a ca. A6 (4 x 6″) Daler Rowney 100g/m2 110 sheet book with a black stiff cover that after two weeks of use (aka carrying it around all day) has already lost the spine. Partly because it is just not very stable, and partly because I used my pencil as a lever and […]