24 Feb 12

Pictures from the Opening

Plants in Glasses and my father's almost white dreadlocks.

(All photos by Deborah Wargon, except no 2, 8 and 9 by Simon Kowalewski.) And Rolf was sketching! P.S. The exhibition goes on until 2 April.

14 Feb 12

Exhibition Preview 2: Pondering Arrangements

First batch of plant drawings on the wall

So after a night of no sleep most of the drawings are framed now, and some already hanging. I’m wondering how to hang the rest – all the same size aluminum frames (ca. 25 x 21 cm), but how to arrange? I want to group them according to miniseries – here you can see all […]

22 Jan 12

Exhibition News and TV Appearance


Hi, I have an upcoming exhibition that I need to tell you about: Drawings and watercolors at Kaufbar Berlin, the opening is 15 February, the exhibition itself continues until 2 April. I’m so excited! On view will be plant pictures, but also two large Berlin views and people on public transport. More details in the […]