28 Jan 13

Back when this Winter was colourful

Shadows on the hills.
05 Oct 12

Back when autumn was almost still summer

Löhrbach Sommerwiese

Feels like it was ages ago. So far I’m unable to convey these intense greens anywhere close to correctly in a scan, no matter how much I tweak it. Too bright and not bright enough at the same time. If I actually lived in the countryside there would be a real risk of getting lost […]

10 May 12

Aus dem Skizzenbuch

Blick vom Lohberg in Frankfurt.

Diese Skizzen haben nicht direkt mit dem Weinheim Projekt zu tun – ich mache sie nebenbei wenn ich gerade nicht in der Stadt bin und trotzdem zeichnen will. These sketches aren’t directly related to the Weinheim project – I do them on my ‘time off’ so to say. Diese Hügel sahen zwei Wochen vorher noch […]