08 Jun 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 5

Longing for London, watercolour on paper, 29 x 21 cm.
04 Jun 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 4

Longing for London, watercolour on paper, 21 x 29 cm.
01 Jun 15

I’ve been accepted onto the Royal Drawing School!

Celebration Post Nr. 1 I’m very happy to share that I have been accepted for a year of postgraduate art training at The Royal Drawing School in London! To celebrate this I will post the drawings that made up my application portfolio over the next couple of days. Here goes the first one:

16 May 13

London in Pencil

In April I had the pleasure of spending a week in London, in part to attend a workshop at The Prince’s Drawing School, in part to hand in my application portfolio there. I decided to leave most of my watercolors at home for the whole trip (which later took me to Mallorca as well). I […]

15 Jun 12

Last pages from my post-Kaufbar sketchbook

Page 16b

These were done at the end of March/Beginning of April, shortly before I handed the sketchbook in as part of my application portfolio for The Drawing Year. Hence I did not get around to scanning them until now. Feels like winter was a life time ago. I’m working a lot, even on another project or […]

11 Apr 12

Travel Sketchbook: London some more

Somewhere in Soho.
09 Apr 12

Travel Sketchbook: London, the first two days

More people on the bus.
16 Oct 11

Traveling Things


I have arrived in Istanbul, the last station of my journey before I come back to Berlin, and it occurred to me to take stock of my stuff. Not a packing list, but an incomplete record of changes in my baggage.

30 Sep 11

London 25 August – 02 September

02 Sep 11

The Flux of Traveling so Far

My Favourite Sink in Scotland

Shortly after the Urban Sketchers Symposium was over, while I was still in Lisbon and haggling with a guy from Turkmenistan who had been supposed to send me the letter of introduction I would need to get the visa by July 26 but hadn’t, I realised that trying to organise the part of my travels […]

16 Aug 10

London Sketchbook June 2010: Life Drawing at the Royal Academy Schools


In addition to doing my general travel drawing stuff, I also managed to take part in a session of life drawing. Because I forgot my bigger paper, these drawings ended up in the sketchbook as well. And what a great place for life drawing this is! I’ve never before seen a room so perfectly laid […]

09 Aug 10

London Sketchbook June 2010: Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar Square was my muse. Almost every day (except for this one) started by me going there in the early morning, and trying. And trying again. And Again. Maybe less a muse than a problem that I just could not give up on. I think I will have to try again the next time I’m […]

07 Aug 10

London Sketchbook June 2010: Places


On my first morning I had breakfast at my fathers favourite London breakfast place, where he’s been going when in London for more than 30 years now. I made this watercolour to pay my respects to it. Originally it was supposed to be just a preparation for a postcard to send home, but the detail […]

04 Aug 10

London Sketchbook June 2010: People


In June I was invited to spend a week in London, a city I love and adore. Because I wanted to explore watercolour, which often takes up too much time to do in daily life, but is perfect for a week of lazy lounging about, I bought this wonderful watercolour sketchbook. The plan was to […]

05 Jan 10

London Rooftops

I love London, maybe simply because I love how it looks. Compared with Berlin, most of the houses where people actually live are small, and kind of askew. Outside plumbing makes for interesting lines and patterns, and the chimneys are really cute. I like the colours of brick walls, especially old ones where different kinds […]