23 Jan 13

Sketches below zero


…or what I did this Christmas. Not literally all of these were done at less than 0°C, but some obviously were.

17 May 11

Last Days’ Watercolor Sketches

Ostkreuz, as seen from Modersohnbrücke, drawn early in the morning with the sun setting the trees ablaze.

I made a completely different drawing of almost exactly the same view, also early in the morning, last May: Before the Party is after the Party is … How far I’ve come – it is so easy to forget when all I’m paying attention to are the things that don’t turn out like I want […]

20 Apr 11

On the Value of Values

Greyscaled sketch

I’m thinking about value and contrast, because I find that this is an aspect of drawing and painting that I have much less conscious control over than I would like. Sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss and I don’t necessarily understand why. Hoping to learn more I’ve greyscaled the scans of some of my […]