03 Sep 12

Holteistrasse once again

120902 Holteistraße

Certainly not the last time, as one of the remaining not yet renovated old buildings around here has been made extra visible since the buildings around it have been torn down.

22 Jun 12

Oberbaumbrücke: First Glimpse of a Series I’ve been working on


For almost a month now I’ve been sketching the same place almost every morning. I’ve started this as my fix of loose drawing before the day’s work of making huge drawings of Weinheim, which I enjoy a lot, but which also require a lot more planning and slightly tedious actions in their execution than quick […]

15 Jun 12

Last pages from my post-Kaufbar sketchbook

Page 16b

These were done at the end of March/Beginning of April, shortly before I handed the sketchbook in as part of my application portfolio for The Drawing Year. Hence I did not get around to scanning them until now. Feels like winter was a life time ago. I’m working a lot, even on another project or […]

09 Apr 12

Travel Sketchbook: London, the first two days

More people on the bus.
16 Jun 11

Monochrome studies

Grünberger Straße

I’m working on my values (after somewhat painfully realizing how important they are) in between producing ‘finished’ drawings for the Open Air Gallery (only two more weekends to prepare! Mats are expensive!). I’m also looking at my books a lot, trying to soak every bit of advice from those pictures before I leave, as I […]

20 Apr 11

On the Value of Values

Greyscaled sketch

I’m thinking about value and contrast, because I find that this is an aspect of drawing and painting that I have much less conscious control over than I would like. Sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss and I don’t necessarily understand why. Hoping to learn more I’ve greyscaled the scans of some of my […]