11 Nov 13

A Calendar full of Oberbaumbrücken for 2014

kalendar 2014 url_3

After having been asked by people to offer some prints for sale because buying original drawings is scary and what if I spill coffee on it and it is ruined forever?! I’ve finally come around to select some of my pictures for a wall calendar for next year. I chose my Oberbaumbrücken series because, on […]

06 Sep 12

More Oberbaumbridges

15 June, watercolor, 25 x 35 cm, 250 €.

Some earlier drawings from this series can be seen here and here. Currently I seem to have a tendency to ever more tightly defined series. Not “30 plants in jars in different media”, but rather “50 drawings of this specific plant in black ink”. Subjects just don’t get boring, I always want to keep going. […]

26 Jun 12

More of the Oberbaum Drawings

5 June, attempt at exact architectural rendering, watercolor over pencil. Gave up on the level of detail of the steel structure.

Reminder: I will show some of these at the Open Air Gallery art fair on this very same bridge on Sunday 1 July. My booth is number 10 — you’re more than welcome to come by and say hello if you’re in town…

22 Jun 12

Oberbaumbrücke: First Glimpse of a Series I’ve been working on


For almost a month now I’ve been sketching the same place almost every morning. I’ve started this as my fix of loose drawing before the day’s work of making huge drawings of Weinheim, which I enjoy a lot, but which also require a lot more planning and slightly tedious actions in their execution than quick […]

04 Nov 11

First Berlin Sketches this Fall

Looking at my travel drawings I get the impression that at least since July I’ve been exploring different ways to combine lines and colors, playing around with different drawing processes. This was without a doubt fueled by the workshop ‘Lining over Color’ I did with Richard Camara during the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Lisbon, although […]

20 Sep 10

Last Days’ Sketches Out and About

Somebody very neatly painted ‘MEDIASPREE’ where the ship’s name used to be, thus referring to the campaign ‘Mediaspree versenken’ (‘Sink Mediaspree’). This campaign is directed against plans to build new commercial buildings (under the heading of ‘Mediaspree’) using up much of the banks of the Spree, thus taking away access to the river from private […]

05 Jul 10

Open Air Gallery in Berlin


I just had one hell of an exciting sunday. Or rather, almost two weeks. It was only eleven days ago that I learned that I would be participating in the Open Air Gallery art fair on Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin this year (I had applied in April, and hadn’t heard anything back). Then there were nine […]