02 Sep 11

The Flux of Traveling so Far

My Favourite Sink in Scotland

Shortly after the Urban Sketchers Symposium was over, while I was still in Lisbon and haggling with a guy from Turkmenistan who had been supposed to send me the letter of introduction I would need to get the visa by July 26 but hadn’t, I realised that trying to organise the part of my travels […]

13 Sep 10

The Delightful Sketches of Fabrice Moireau

There is regrettably little of Fabrice Moireau to see on the web, which I found out when wondering if I should buy his ‘Rooftops of Paris’. What I did find are true gems of city sketching, so I’d thought I’d share them with you. One of my favourite images of them all: via VDBD – […]