15 Feb 11



There is so much to say about these, and all the new options that make my head swirl, but until I hand in my Magister dissertation there probably won’t be many words on here. I’m still drawing, though.

04 Feb 11

The Pleasure of Making a Mess


I have been experimenting with ink washes (brushing over ink lines with water) for some weeks, but it was only on Wednesday that the potential that lies in making a mess on a page started to dawn on me. Looking back, I usually prefer the dirtier of my drawings to the clean ones, smudged pencil […]

31 Jan 11

Trying to draw Wismarplatz in Winter


After some months of basically being locked in by the cold, rain, and snow, every day I wake up hoping that this day the sun is going to come out and allow me at least a tiny bit of sketching outside. On Friday it didn’t, but I drew anyway, without taking off my gloves. That […]

24 Jan 11

Sketchcrawling, SOMA and some more random sketches


Saturday’s sketchcrawl took us to the SOMA exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, where reindeer lounge about in a big hall eating fly agaric, accompanied by twenty-four canaries, eight mice and two flies, half of which are fed the urin of the reindeer eating fly agaric, so the visitors can decide if they perceive a difference in […]

21 Jan 11

Last Day’s Sketches


Warm and dry days smelling of spring made it possible to do some outdoor sketching again. I miss drawing outside! It was a glimpse of the sun that drew me outside on sunday, checking out the scene at the fleamarket. Details: Don’t forget: Tomorrow is Sketch Crawl Day (I’ll be drawing a strange exhibition here […]

19 Jan 11

Street Style Sketching


Or: A rather long story with lots of pretty and colorful pictures, as well as plans of world domination Last year I found myself increasingly intrigued, sometimes even obsessed, with clothes. Now, if I had had any money to spare (and not spent it on books and art supplies) this would probably have led to […]

14 Jan 11

Last Day’s Sketches: Commuters, an Experimental Plant and Schlotzen & Kloben


The following pages were filled listening to the brilliant and charming writers from Schlotzen und Kloben read from their works, starting on the right page (click on the images to get to the annotated version on flickr, identifying who is who): I’m still in the process of figuring out my new tools. Here I compared […]

04 Jan 11

Nerd Sketching and Playing with New Drawing Gear


So in December I binged on drawing tools and paper. I haven’t gotten around to testing the papers yet, but my new collection of brush pens, pens and nibs has me all swooning. A Rotring Art Pen (EF), good for both writing and sketching, a very very black Pentel Brush Pen, a grey Pentel Color […]

24 Dec 10

Last commuter drawings of the year


Not much to say about these. I went to work, so did the people I drew, and it was cold. Details:

19 Dec 10

This Week’s Commuter Drawing


Another week of commuting and drawing and drawing and commuting.

03 Dec 10

This week’s commuter sketches

Guy reading the newspaper

No text this time, only pictures.

11 Nov 10

Last Days’ Commuter Sketches, Playing around with Pens

Two different pens

I’m currently using a Din A5 Zequenz note/sketchbook, with very smooth bright paper. Pencil makes only faint lines on this, so I’ve decided to make this a drawing supply test kinda book, and as a result I’m carrying around a ridiculous number of pens, markers, brushpens etc., all because I can’t possibly decide in advance […]

28 Oct 10

Last Days’ Commuter Sketches

Woman in orange coat reading

Details from some pages: So that interview lead to a job, which leads to less time for drawing but more time on public transport, more quick sketches and less watercolors. But I’ve got grand plans, maybe even schemes, and they have to do with the color that has been creeping into my commuter sketches… More […]

11 Oct 10

The Big Draw Berlin and just drawing Berlin

Little Napoleon

Sunday was the last day of The Big Draw Berlin, with a choc full program of great drawing related things to do. I basically had a full schedule from 10 am to pm … but yielded to the beautiful weather and started by just drawing stuff that I cam across outside in the sun. {I […]

23 Sep 10

On the Way to an Interview


… I had the opportunity to sketch people on public transport again. Before that, another house on a stop from riding my bike. Writing says 14.9.2010 Vor dem Schlesischen Tor