21 Mar 10

Last weeks’ sketches (March 5–14)

I’m having trouble sticking to the straight lines and disciplined hatching that mark Peter Cusack’s sketches. My pen just seems to be so used to having his way, all curly and playful, with very little control by me. But I like what I get when I don’t completely lose control, as in the first and […]

07 Mar 10

Last Day’s Sketches (February 24 – March 5)

This little Daler Rowney Book is now completed, with more ballpoint sketches:

18 Feb 10

Fabriano Artist’s Journal, the next two sections

After the beige comes grey … … and then brown: More on flickr.

17 Feb 10

Another Fabriano Artist’s Journal. No, wait

After I finished my little Daler Rowney I started with another Fabriano Artist’s Journal – this time the ‘Classic’ version, alternating between bright white and a more crème colored paper: But I felt like experimenting more with washes, and combinations with dry and wet media (keeping the pencil lines while enjoying the flow of the […]

27 Jan 10

Last Days’ Sketches (January 22nd to 27th)

These are from the little Daler Rowney Book as well. The daily scanning is going really well so far. It is easy to perceive scanning as an integral part of the ‘come home – boot – check emails – get sucked into web’ routine. And this routine doesn’t even take much more time that way, […]

22 Jan 10

First Scans from Daler Rowney Sketchbook

This is a ca. A6 (4 x 6″) Daler Rowney 100g/m2 110 sheet book with a black stiff cover that after two weeks of use (aka carrying it around all day) has already lost the spine. Partly because it is just not very stable, and partly because I used my pencil as a lever and […]

17 Jan 10

First Sketches from a Fabriano Artist’s Journal

In the past three months I’ve filled my first Fabriano Artist’s Journal, after having lusted for it for years. I think that the cover held up remarkably well for something that isn’t as strong and stiff as a moleskine, for example. I absolutely love the paper. The different colors are excellent for experimenting with different […]

26 May 09


24 May 09

Lots of heads, none of them talking (6 January 2008)

21 May 09

A long Day on the Underground (4 November 2008)

Some people just don’t move a lot, giving me the opportunity to draw them several times, almost same pose: I wonder what I did that day, that made me spend that much time on the underground.

17 May 09


20 Apr 09

First attempt at life sketching real people

I had to learn a lot in terms of speed!