21 Feb 14

Memory Sketches, 9.12.2013, U8 & U5

M_091213c_U8 Kopie
12 Feb 14

Memory Sketches, 2.12.2013

M_021213_U8 Kopie
01 Apr 13

and even more People in March

26 Mar 13

More People on Public Transport in March

08 Mar 13

People on Public Transport in February

Person on Public Transport Detail

Some of the faces in close up: The complete sketches:

06 Feb 13

Some People on Public Transport in January


(Only 3 more days left to visit the ‘Dezembersalon’ at Galerie Taube in Berlin Charlottenburg, featuring two watercolors of yours truly among a divers selection of representational art.)

31 Oct 12

People on Public Transport


India ink on paper, ca. 18 x 12 cm.

16 Oct 12

Menschen in der OEG


I sketched all the people in this drawing while doing the rounds in the circular ‘OEG’ train line which goes from Mannheim to Weinheim to Heidelberg and back to Mannheim, covering the rush hours from ca. 6:30 to 10:00 am, and then selectively covered it in several layers of acrylic medium playing with those bits […]

15 Jun 12

Last pages from my post-Kaufbar sketchbook

Page 16b

These were done at the end of March/Beginning of April, shortly before I handed the sketchbook in as part of my application portfolio for The Drawing Year. Hence I did not get around to scanning them until now. Feels like winter was a life time ago. I’m working a lot, even on another project or […]

09 Apr 12

Travel Sketchbook: London, the first two days

More people on the bus.
15 Mar 12

More March Sketches and a Double Sketchbook

Page 06b detail.

These are from the same sketchbook as the last posting, but it is a twofold sketchbook: It is half made from very bright, almost blueish DorĂ©e 200 drawing paper, whose color I love, which is a good paper for dry media, and I have a 50 m roll lying around under my desk which will […]

07 Mar 12

First Post Travel Sketchbook

Page 03 detail

My travel sketchbooks were of various sizes and formats, not one exactly like any of the others. When I came back I started producing drawings for my exhibition on single sheets of paper so they could be framed, also it was cold and I wasn’t spending much time out and about, so for a while […]

03 Feb 12

Lots of People on Public Transport in January

A Lot of People on Public Transport

I’ve been looking for a way to make my public transport drawings ‘exhibitable’, take them out o sketchbooks somehow, mostly by using folded single sheets of different sizes, like here. This is another attempt, not just putting the people on a single sheet, but trying to convey the feeling of looking through a whole sketchbook, […]

04 Jan 12

People on Public Transport

16 Oct 11

Traveling Things


I have arrived in Istanbul, the last station of my journey before I come back to Berlin, and it occurred to me to take stock of my stuff. Not a packing list, but an incomplete record of changes in my baggage.