10 May 12

Aus dem Skizzenbuch

Blick vom Lohberg in Frankfurt.

Diese Skizzen haben nicht direkt mit dem Weinheim Projekt zu tun – ich mache sie nebenbei wenn ich gerade nicht in der Stadt bin und trotzdem zeichnen will. These sketches aren’t directly related to the Weinheim project – I do them on my ‘time off’ so to say. Diese Hügel sahen zwei Wochen vorher noch […]

06 Apr 12

(Almost) Last Pages of a Sketchbook

Page 13b

The last pages themselves will have to wait some time to be scanned – I handed in this sketchbook as part of my portfolio to the Prince’s Drawing School. I drew the last pages when I was already in London for the portfolio drop off…

15 Mar 12

More March Sketches and a Double Sketchbook

Page 06b detail.

These are from the same sketchbook as the last posting, but it is a twofold sketchbook: It is half made from very bright, almost blueish Dorée 200 drawing paper, whose color I love, which is a good paper for dry media, and I have a 50 m roll lying around under my desk which will […]

26 Apr 11

Last Days’ Watercolor Sketches

Skalitzer Straße

The first two were made on the train stations (S-Bahn) of Westhafen and Halensee, respectively, the third is a view of Skalitzer Straße in the sunday morning sun, and the fourth shows three houses in Lichtenberg’s Wartenbergstraße. Only the one in the house middle seems to be inhabited still; the windows in the house on […]

11 Apr 11

First Sketches of Spring in New Handbound Watercolor Book

Wismarplatz in Spring Sun

Yesterday afternoon the sun was warm enough to sit on the pavement. Just a few days before had I made myself a new sketchbook, so I wouldn’t miss to record too many spring days in it. The cover is recycled from an old physics textbook I found somewhere, and the paper is Hahnemühle Burgund watercolor […]

26 May 10

Before the Party is after the Party is the Afterhour is the Party is before . . .

So, last sunday I intended to go dancing. Sunday was Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin, a big parade followed by lots of music events starting a bit earlier than usual, the weather was wonderful in the afternoon, and I wanted to go to this. But my complete lack of intuitive competence in these matters combined […]