26 Mar 13

More People on Public Transport in March

26 Jun 12

More of the Oberbaum Drawings

5 June, attempt at exact architectural rendering, watercolor over pencil. Gave up on the level of detail of the steel structure.

Reminder: I will show some of these at the Open Air Gallery art fair on this very same bridge on Sunday 1 July. My booth is number 10 — you’re more than welcome to come by and say hello if you’re in town…

22 Jun 12

Oberbaumbrücke: First Glimpse of a Series I’ve been working on


For almost a month now I’ve been sketching the same place almost every morning. I’ve started this as my fix of loose drawing before the day’s work of making huge drawings of Weinheim, which I enjoy a lot, but which also require a lot more planning and slightly tedious actions in their execution than quick […]

23 May 12

Die Beute 1: Postkartengroße Skizzen


Als ich letzte Woche wieder zurück in Berlin war lag ich natürlich erst einmal etwas krank im Bett herum. Inzwischen geht die Arbeit an der Weinheim-Ausstellung aber wieder vorran – hier erstmal die postkartengroßen Skizzen für die lieben Menschen, die mich mit 50 € unterstützt haben. (Ja, einige davon habe ich schon in anderen Scans […]

10 May 12

Einige Weinheimskizzen

Roter Turm 2

Leider habe ich das Scannerproblem immernoch nicht lösen können – das heißt vor allem, dass ich über die Qualität der Scans weniger Kontrolle habe als normalerweise, und sich die Bleistiftzeichnungen bisher dem Scannen recht vollständig entzogen haben. Einen vollständigeren Überblick über meine Weinheimskizzen wird es also erst geben, wenn ich nächste Woche wieder in Berlin […]

23 Apr 12

Das Weinheim Projekt, erste Woche


Seit einer Woche treibe ich mich nun in Weinheim rum und zeichne. Leider steht mir hier bisher kein Scanner zur Verfügung, so dass ich heute versuchte, den Stapel Zeichnungen, der sich bisher angesammelt hat, in einem Copyshop zu scannen. Für die Aquarelle ging das auch ganz gut, aber an den Bleistiftzeichnungen ist das Experiment vorerst […]

15 Apr 12

Watch Me Draw the Oberbaumbrücke

Oberbaumbrücke 2

This video is the first experiment with recording me sketching and part of a bigger project I’ve been working on pretty much all week. I’m planning to unveil it next week… The finished sketch: P.S.:You can buy it here.

09 Apr 12

Travel Sketchbook: London, the first two days

More people on the bus.
27 Mar 12

Studies in Memory and Repetition

Boxhagener Str., pencil on location, colors/washes put in from memory at home.

Watercolors made in the mornings around where I live, repeating views, learning to put in the colors from memory. Also, some copies after and words on William Turner.

22 Mar 12

Spring Drawings from the Pencil Side

Page 07b detail

From my current sketchbook, all except the first from the side for dry media. Time and again I find that I do love pencil, even if the ink stuff is so much flashier on first sight. There is a deepness to pencil, the variety of tonal values possible in one and the same stroke, the […]

21 Mar 12

Travel Sketchbook: First Day in Dolgellau

Spread 09
15 Mar 12

More March Sketches and a Double Sketchbook

Page 06b detail.

These are from the same sketchbook as the last posting, but it is a twofold sketchbook: It is half made from very bright, almost blueish Dorée 200 drawing paper, whose color I love, which is a good paper for dry media, and I have a 50 m roll lying around under my desk which will […]

06 Mar 12

People on Public Transport in February

Sketch of people on public transport

P.S. This drawing is for sale here.

03 Feb 12

Lots of People on Public Transport in January

A Lot of People on Public Transport

I’ve been looking for a way to make my public transport drawings ‘exhibitable’, take them out o sketchbooks somehow, mostly by using folded single sheets of different sizes, like here. This is another attempt, not just putting the people on a single sheet, but trying to convey the feeling of looking through a whole sketchbook, […]

04 Jan 12

People on Public Transport