21 Nov 12

Some New Listings in my Etsy Shop

Done with a pen in water-soluble but light proof ink, worked over with washes of water and more pen lines on the still wet paper, ca. 25 x 33 cm, 250 €.

So recently I got reminded by somebody looking for Christmas gifts (Christmas doesn’t play a large role in my life, and I had completely forgotten that this is something people do…) that my Etsy store was all empty. I’ve changed that now and put up mostly some of my recent Berlin based sketches, the ones […]

03 Feb 12

Lots of People on Public Transport in January

A Lot of People on Public Transport

I’ve been looking for a way to make my public transport drawings ‘exhibitable’, take them out o sketchbooks somehow, mostly by using folded single sheets of different sizes, like here. This is another attempt, not just putting the people on a single sheet, but trying to convey the feeling of looking through a whole sketchbook, […]

11 Nov 11

Some finished Watercolors

Dead Tulip I

These are all from earlier this year – I was in such a frenzy of final exams, the Open Air Gallery and last minute travel preparations (is there another kind?) that although I did find the time to make these drawings, I never got around to photographing (they are matted and mostly too big for […]

04 May 11

The Rest of the Dirty Bits from the Zequenz Sketchbook


I’m finished with the Zequenz m sketchbook I have used for most of my public transport sketches yet this year, and in which I’ve both discovered the fun in making a mess and been driven to make real clean black lines with a pen on its smooth paper. Here are the last rather messy and […]

27 Feb 10

Last day’s sketches

My charcoal sketches were going along great until I had to sharpen my pencil. When it was about half the length it had when I had started sharpening I gave up, and decided to keep in my sketching to media that take being ‘on the road’ a lot better. But I didn’t just want to […]

17 Feb 10

Another Fabriano Artist’s Journal. No, wait

After I finished my little Daler Rowney I started with another Fabriano Artist’s Journal – this time the ‘Classic’ version, alternating between bright white and a more crème colored paper: But I felt like experimenting more with washes, and combinations with dry and wet media (keeping the pencil lines while enjoying the flow of the […]

15 Feb 10

Little Daler Rowney Sketchbook Roundup

It is filled now! I made some experiments with ink wash in it: But although I found them intriguing, I did not stick with them. I also didn’t know when I made this drawing: that there was (and still is) this wonderful exhibition on, of Carl Blechen’s ‘Amalfi Sketchbook,’ some of which done in a […]