01 Jul 15

Royal Drawing School Acceptance Celebration Posting Nr. 7

Lissabon, 7 September 2014, 12 x 20 cm, watercolour on paper.
14 Feb 13

Wismarplatz again


I’ve drawn this place many times before, still far from being tired, or feeling I’ve really done it justice. So much still left to figure out! And it looks different every day…

28 Jan 13

Back when this Winter was colourful

Shadows on the hills.
23 Jan 13

Sketches below zero


…or what I did this Christmas. Not literally all of these were done at less than 0°C, but some obviously were.

17 Jan 13

Liquid Sound Festival

liquid sound festival 09

In November I was invited to sketch people floating in water and listening to music during the Liquid Sound Festival (warning: that link opens with soundbites) in Bad Sulza. Such a pleasure! At when I ran out of paper late in the night I did some floating myself…

07 Dec 12

The first frozen sketch this winter

This is what frozen watercolor looks like...

This morning around nine I sat in the sun, making a sketch, when I noticed some annoying clumps in my paint. First I wondered if some dirt had gotten in my palette; but no, it is just officially too cold now to make watercolor sketches outside in the morning without heat bags. I will need […]

29 Oct 12

Fall in Berlin

Morning at a pond 1
05 Oct 12

Back when autumn was almost still summer

Löhrbach Sommerwiese

Feels like it was ages ago. So far I’m unable to convey these intense greens anywhere close to correctly in a scan, no matter how much I tweak it. Too bright and not bright enough at the same time. If I actually lived in the countryside there would be a real risk of getting lost […]

13 Sep 12

Wismarplatz in early Autumn or: Images of a Picture

And another straight one. The colors look at the same time duller and brighter than in real life.
10 Sep 12

Deconstruction of the Freudenberg Facilities at Boxhagener Str.

Freudenberg 12 07 31

This (de)construction site around the corner from where I live caught my eye when I was back from Weinheim. The buildings being undone here were facilities of the Freudenberg company, which originated in, well, Weinheim, and is the single most important employer there…

06 Sep 12

More Oberbaumbridges

15 June, watercolor, 25 x 35 cm, 250 €.

Some earlier drawings from this series can be seen here and here. Currently I seem to have a tendency to ever more tightly defined series. Not “30 plants in jars in different media”, but rather “50 drawings of this specific plant in black ink”. Subjects just don’t get boring, I always want to keep going. […]

03 Sep 12

Holteistrasse once again

120902 Holteistraße

Certainly not the last time, as one of the remaining not yet renovated old buildings around here has been made extra visible since the buildings around it have been torn down.

26 Jun 12

More of the Oberbaum Drawings

5 June, attempt at exact architectural rendering, watercolor over pencil. Gave up on the level of detail of the steel structure.

Reminder: I will show some of these at the Open Air Gallery art fair on this very same bridge on Sunday 1 July. My booth is number 10 — you’re more than welcome to come by and say hello if you’re in town…

15 Jun 12

Last pages from my post-Kaufbar sketchbook

Page 16b

These were done at the end of March/Beginning of April, shortly before I handed the sketchbook in as part of my application portfolio for The Drawing Year. Hence I did not get around to scanning them until now. Feels like winter was a life time ago. I’m working a lot, even on another project or […]

04 Jun 12

Die Beute 3: Die letzten der vor Ort in Weinheim begonnen Zeichnungen

Altstadtdächer 2.

Nun sind auch die letzten Striche an diesen größeren Zeichnungen gemacht, sie sind teilweise ausgeschnitten und auf größere Papierbögen aufgezogen (was ihrem teilweise ‘schwebenden’ Charakter schön unterstreicht), und endlich auch fotografiert. Einige davon werden auch in der Ausstellung selbst hängen. Now the last strokes on these bigger drawings have been added, some of them I […]