National Gallery: the R*pes

A map and an exhibition of old master studies.

In the following map all the rooms in the National Gallery displaying paintings showing or implying rape or other sexualized violence are marked red. Below that you’ll find a list of all the paintings in question, and each painting’s reason for inclusion. This list derives from my personal observation on repeated visits during the fall of 2016–unfortunately I cannot guarantee that it is complete.

My monotypes based on these paintings are on show at Lima Zulu
11–16 December 2016
Opening night and artist talk Sunday 11 December, 7–9pm
After that 4–7pm daily, outside these hours by appointment (

Lima Zulu
Unit 3J
Omega Works
167 Hermitage Rd
London N4 1LZ

map of the National Gallery

map of the National Gallery

Room 6:
Andrea Schiavone, Jupiter seducing Callisto, woman being raped
Titian, Diana and Callisto, woman found out as pregnant after rape

Room 9:
Mazza, The Rape of Ganymede, boy being abducted, rape implied

Room 12:
Lorenzo Lotto, Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia, allusion to the rape of Lucretia

Room 17:
Hendrick van Balen the Elder, Pan pursuing Syrinx, attempted rape

Room 19:
Nicolas Poussin, Nymph with Satyrs, woman about to be raped
Nicloas Poussin, Cephalus and Aurora, man being assaulted

Room 24:
Hendrick Goltzius, Jupiter and Antiope, woman about to be raped

Room 26:
Jan Steen, The Interior of an Inn (‘The Broken Eggs’), woman being assaulted

Room 28:
Adriaen Brouwer, Tavern Scene, woman being assaulted, attempted rape

Room 31:
Anthony van Dyck, Drunken Silenus supported by Satyrs, woman being assaulted

Room 32:
Ludovico Caracci, Susannah and the Elders, aussault, attempted rape, blackmail
Guide Reni, Susannah and the Elders, aussault, attempted rape, blackmail

Room 33:
François Boucher, Pan and Syrinx, attempted rape
Pierre Subleyras, Diana and Endymion, man about to be raped repeatedly

Room 40:
Sebastiano Ricci, Bacchus and Ariadne, woman about to be raped
Batoni, Time orders Old Age to destroy Beauty, woman grabbed against her will

Room 53:
Zanobi Strozzi, The Abduction of Helen, women being kidnapped

Room 58:
Piero Di Cosimo, Fight between the Lapiths and the Centaurs, women getting assaulted and kidnapped, rape implied
Piero del Pollaiuolo, Apollo and Daphne, attempted rape

Room E (basement, not on map):
Francesco Hayez, Susannah at her Bath, attempted rape, blackmail